Don’t Even Think of Hitting the Trail of Life Without Grabbing Your Copy of My New 250-Page Book:
Cowboy Wisdom
Classic Lessons in Leadership and Life!
You can learn a lot from cowboys, especially the REAL ones—the ones who ride the range, the bulls, or the trails. Cowboys live by a simple code based on an understanding of the natural way things work in the world.

This wisdom is not complicated—the best things never are—and it’s a wisdom that can quickly improve your own leadership and life skills so you can accomplish more of the things you want and get rid of the things you don’t!
- Pat Parelli
Books will be shipped the first week of February, 2018.
These values are personified in the hundreds of Old West movies and TV shows, including some of your very favorites. In “Cowboy Wisdom” you’ll revisit some of the best scenes and jog your memory about the priceless life lessons shared by Shane, Butch and the Sundance Kid, the “man with no name,” and the Duke himself, including: 
• How John Wayne – a skinny kid from nowhere - overcame paralyzing stage fright to become a legendary symbol of strength and powerful leadership. 

• A master class in branding and self-promotion from the legendary showman Buffalo Bill. 
• Discover Wyatt Earp’s insights on the life-changing power of mentorship and how it can change your destiny. 

 • How Butch Cassidy’s secrets to decisive action and leadership can enable you (and your gang) to achieve notoriety and greatness.  
• Why “Dances with Wolves” offers a surprising lesson in the value of diversity and the power of persistence. 

• Understand the true meaning of courage alongside Casey Jones, barreling down the tracks as the Cannonball Express whistles through the night.
• How “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” reveals powerful lessons on leveraging game strategy to achieve your deepest desires.

• The single, most powerful marketing tactic shared by BOTH Jesse James and General Custer… and it made them famous long before they faced their final showdown.
• How Rooster Cogburn’s eye patch, the poncho worn by the “man with no name,” and the Lone Ranger’s mask created iconic branding that will live for decades.

• Discover Curly’s simple, yet profoundly powerful secret to personal success and fulfillment from “City Slickers.”
• The ultimate lesson in hiring from “The Magnificent Seven” on the necessity to hire only the best when the chips are down. 

• A life lesson from “The Outlaw Jose Wales” that illustrates the enormous value of knowing how and when to pick your battles.
In addition, you’ll discover insights gained from my journey from rodeo cowboy driving through the night from one event to the next to owner of a multimillion-dollar business training hundreds of thousands of people in Natural Horsemanship across the globe.

I'll share with you:
• The amazing secrets I learned from my mentors

• How I developed my love, language and leadership philosophy

• How my passion kept me going in the face of many setbacks 

• The seven balances of life

• How to build trust with your horse and everyone you meet 

• The power of doing less sooner rather than more later 

• How to go out of your way to shake hands with opportunity

• My secrets to being a great communicator and wining others to your way of thinking

• How to get and stay motived everyday of your life!

• And much more...
Saddle up; you are going on an entertaining
and thought-provoking ride that will
arm you with the tools of success! 
About the Authors
Pat Parelli

Since his first seminar in 1982, Pat Parelli has revolutionized the horse world by introducing a philosophy, a concept, and a program called natural horsemanship. Pat Parelli has presented in front of over two million people in twenty-seven countries, has been in over one thousand magazine articles, and has presented privately for the Queen of England, President Reagan, Tony Robbins, Gene Autry, and Tom Selleck.

Pat Parelli has over two hundred thousand students in his long-distance online learning program, called the Savvy Club. With four hundred instructors worldwide in his professionals program, Pat has set out to help make the world a better place for horses and the humans who love them.

Pat Parelli’s focus on preserving real horsemanship and to help you become the person you have always wanted to be with your horse is what his program is all about. Pat invites you to come see for yourself why he has become the world’s “horseologist” and the number-one success coach for millions of horse lovers worldwide.
Andrew Wood

Despite being born in Oxford, England, and growing up in the midland county of Shropshire, Andrew always had a love of everything Western. He immigrated to the United States in 1980 to pursue a career as a professional golfer. Unfortunately lack of talent held him back, and he accidentally found himself running a small karate school in Southern California. After struggling to survive for eighteen months as a small business owner, he decided to focus all his attention on marketing. This focus soon paid off, and he quickly increased his income to six figures while still in his twenties.

His initial interest in marketing turned into a passion, and he quickly turned the single school into a national franchise of over four hundred units. After selling out of the karate business in the late ’90s, he moved to Florida, where he founded Legendary Marketing, a business designed to combine his passion for golf and travel with his marketing expertise.

Author of over forty sales, marketing, and personal-development books, including Legendary Advice, Making Your Business the One They Choose, Cunningly Clever Marketing, Selling Out Sell Everyone, Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur, The Golf Marketing Bible, and many more, Wood is considered the world’s leading expert in golf, resort, and real estate marketing.